Austin Designated Driver Service

Austin Designated Driver Service

The Austin designated driver service provides safe, reliable, and professional driving services for residents or visitors in the city of Austin. This service includes a wide range of vehicles to cater to different group sizes and requirements, such as limos, cars, SUVs, shuttle buses, party buses, and vans. The fleet consists of various models, ensuring comfort and style, including luxury vehicles like Cadillac, Lincoln, Escalade, and Mercedes-Benz. The main aim of the service is to ensure guests arrive and depart from their destinations safely and efficiently, particularly after an event where alcohol might be consumed.

  • Professional driving services
  • Variety of vehicle categories
  • Premium vehicle models
  • Safe and efficient transport

About Austin Designated Driver Service

The Austin designated driver service is an excellent resource for those in need of personal transportation whether for special events, daily commuting, or night outs. This service provides professional and responsible drivers who are accredited, insured, and thoroughly trained to ensure your safety and comfort. The drivers have a mighty command over city routes, which ensures a timely and stress-free journey.

What sets the Austin designated driver service apart is its commitment to road safety. These services provide an indispensable solution to the critical concern of impaired driving. Particularly known for catering to social outings wherein alcohol consumption is involved, Austin’s designated driver services aim to reduce drunk driving incidents by offering a reliable and affordable transportation alternative in the form of a designated driver. Whether you’re enjoying the city’s vibrant nightlife, attending a wine tasting, or simply indulging in a casual happy hour after work, you can do so responsibly knowing you have a safe ride home.

More than just providing a driver, the service also features a wide variety of vehicle options for passengers to choose from. Based on your specific need, you can select from a range of limos, cars, SUVs, shuttle buses, party buses, or vans. These vehicles can accommodate small to large groups and arrive equipped with comfort-enhancing amenities. Whether it’s a ten-passenger Camaro limo for a bachelorette party or a commodious 40-passenger party bus for a super-sized celebration, the Austin designated driver service is up for the challenge. They can also service corporate needs, transporting employees in classy Cadillac XTS or sturdy suburban SUVs.

In essence, the Austin designated driver service offers a winning formula of convenience, safety, and luxury. It allows you to enjoy the charming city of Austin, from its buzzing nightlife to rich cultural experiences, without worrying about the ride back home. The service emphasizes your comfort and peace of mind, letting you savor your precious moments, while the designated driver takes on the road. This service is not just a transportation solution but a commitment to upholding responsible drinking and driving practices, making Austin a safer city one ride at a time.

Austin Camaro

Austin Camaro is an elite service offering luxury transportation with the iconic Chevrolet Camaro muscle car. This service is suitable for:

  • High-End Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties
  • Prom Night Transportation
  • Celebrity Airport Pickups
  • Business Meetings
  • Glamorous Night Outs

Austin Challenger

The Austin Challenger provides an exhilarating ride experience with its sharp design. This service is best utilized for:

  • Suprise Birthday Car Rentals
  • Music Video Shoots
  • Photo Shoots
  • Corporate Events
  • Art Festivals

Austin Escalade

The Austin Escalade service delivers a perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and performance. Offering high passenger capacity, it is excellent for:

  • Large Family Trips
  • Group Tours
  • Wedding Parties
  • Executive Meetings
  • Night Club Hopping

Austin Charger

The Austin Charger service offers rides in the stylish and bold Dodge Charger, suitable for:

  • Sporting Event Arrivals
  • Movie Premieres
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • VIP Nightlife Experience
  • Graduation Parties

Austin Chrysler

Austin’s Chrysler service offers prestigious rides for those who appreciate luxury and comfort. This service can be used for:

  • Product Launches
  • Prestigious Award Ceremonies
  • Elitist Art and Cultural Events
  • Luxury Shopping Tours
  • Wine Tasting Tours

Austin Excursion

The Austin Excursion service accommodates larger groups offering exceptional comfort and luxury, ideal for:

  • Music Festival Transportation
  • Large Team Building Events
  • Group Sightseeing Tours
  • Convention and Trade Show Transport
  • Special Event Shuttles

Austin Hummer

The Austin Hummer service offers a larger than life experience with its capacity and rugged luxury, great for:

  • Adventure Sports Shuttle
  • Large Outdoor Parties
  • Wildlife Safari Tours
  • Expedition and Hunting Trips
  • Golf Trips

Austin Lincoln

The Austin Lincoln service is a symbol of elegance, sophistication, and classic luxury, this service can be hired for:

  • Executives and Dignitaries
  • Dinner Date Nights
  • Classic Wedding Transportation
  • High-Class Business Tours
  • Private Real Estate Viewings

Austin Navigator

Austin Navigator service offers the spacious and luxurious Lincoln Navigator, ideal for:

  • Celebrity Sightseeing Tours
  • Luxury Camping Trips
  • High-end Group Tours
  • Music Festival VIP Shuttles
  • Poker and Casino Trips

Austin Cadillac

Offering rides in the epitome of American luxury vehicles, the Austin Cadillac service is ideally used for:

  • Concert Arrivals
  • Charity Event Attendances
  • Corporate Gala Dinners
  • Film and Theatre Premieres
  • Exclusive Party Arrivals

Austin Cadillac XTS

The Austin Cadillac XTS is a luxury car providing exceptional comfort for three passengers. In the city of Austin, this car type tends to be a popular choice. Services with this car type include:

  • Designated driver service for club or bar hopping
  • Safe rides home after a night out
  • Car rental for business meetings or corporate events

Austin Lincoln

A luxurious choice for the discerning passenger is the Austin Lincoln. Accommodating three passengers comfortably, this service is popular for business and leisure activities alike. Services with this car type include:

  • Designated driving for wine tours
  • Luxury pick-up service for airport transfers
  • Luxury transportation for private parties or special occasions

Austin Escalade

For those searching for more space during transportation, the Austin Escalade proves a fit. It can comfortably carry five passengers and is known for its size and luxury. Services with this car type include:

  • Family transportation for special events such as weddings
  • Designated driver service for group outings or tours
  • Luxury car rental for a day out shopping

Austin Suburban

The Austin Suburban provides ample room and comfort for seven passengers. This choice is ideal for larger groups and family outings within Austin. Services with this car type include:

  • Group transportation for sporting events or concerts
  • Designated driver service for a night on the town
  • Luxury road trip planning and driving

Austin Yukon

Built with comfort and luxury in mind, the Austin Yukon service is a preferred choice for transportation of seven passengers. Services include:

  • Designated driver for large corporate events
  • Family transportation for meetups or activities
  • Luxury transportation for city tours

Austin 25 Minibus

The Austin 25 Minibus is a prime choice for corporate occasions, offering a stylish and comfortable transportation option for medium to large groups. This spacious vehicle ensures a smooth ride, equipped with modern amenities for total comfort. It is suitable for:

  • Company Outings
  • Business Conferences
  • Cross-city Corporate Events
  • Team Building Activities
  • Corporate Award Nights

Austin 30 Minibus

Seeking to move a larger team? Austin’s 30 Minibus is the ideal solution. With increased seating capacity, this vehicle guarantees a relaxed travel experience even for longer journeys. It provides the perfect space for:

  • Employee Shuttle Service
  • Partners Retreat
  • Multi-Branch Gatherings
  • Corporate Sports Events
  • Large Scale Team Meetings

Austin 35 Minibus

The Austin 35 Minibus is designed for large corporate groups, combining style, comfort and plenty of seating. This vehicle presents an excellent choice when a professional impression is crucial. It’s ideal for:

  • Company Anniversary Celebrations
  • Mass Employee Transport
  • Trade Show Visits
  • Corporate BBQ Parties
  • Larger Scale Conferences

Austin 40 Minibus

Equipped for exceptionally large groups, the Austin 40 Minibus prioritizes space and comfort. This selection ensures that no one is ever left behind, making it a popular choice for:

  • Large Scale Employee Picnics
  • Corporate Volunteering Events
  • Company Wide Training
  • Product Launches
  • Big Fairs or Exhibitions Visits

Austin 45 Minibus

Ensure your travel arrangements match the scale of your event with the Austin 45 Minibus, providing ample space for larger groups. Facilities and comfort have not been sacrificed for size in this vehicle, making it ideal for:

  • Companies Annual General Meetings
  • Intercity Corporate Tours
  • Large End-of-Year Functions
  • Product Unveiling Events
  • Corporate Charity Events

Austin 55 Minibus

For the largest corporate events, the Austin 55 Minibus is an unrivaled choice. Able to accommodate even the largest teams, it combines functionality, comfort, and style effortlessly. It’s perfect for:

  • Mega Corporate Conference Attendees
  • Substantial Team Retreats
  • Corporate Galas
  • Large Scale Trade Shows
  • Company-Wide Festivals

Austin 25 Passenger Party Bus

The Austin 25 passenger party bus is a luxurious and spacious vehicle designed to provide the best transportation experience. This party bus is ideal for

  • Corporate events
  • Bachelor(ette) party transportation
  • Weddings
  • City tours
  • VIP transportation

Austin 30 Passenger Party Bus

The Austin 30 passenger party bus is perfect for larger parties and groups. This party bus is suitable for

  • Concert transportation
  • High capacity airport transfers
  • Large scale event transportation
  • Proms
  • Group night out

Austin 35 Passenger Party Bus

The Austin 35 passenger party bus offers comfort and style for groups who want to travel around Austin in luxury. The services include

  • Sporting events transportation
  • Festival and trade show transfers
  • Team transportation
  • Large family outings
  • Corporate retreat transportation

Austin 40 Passenger Party Bus

The Austin 40 passenger party bus is the best choice when you need to move in large groups without sacrificing comfort and luxury. Ideal for

  • Conference and seminar transportation
  • Convention transportation
  • City sightseeing tours
  • Large organized events
  • Music festival transfers

Austin 45 Passenger Party Bus

The Austin 45 passenger party bus brings comfort, class and capacity together. The bus can be used for a host of events such as

  • School trips and excursions
  • Church group outings
  • University student transportation
  • Luxury group airport transfers
  • Large scale corporate transportation

Austin 55 Passenger Party Bus

The Austin 55 passenger party bus is the largest vehicle in our fleet, offering ultimate comfort and excitement. This vehicle is suitable for

  • Mega wedding transfers
  • Large corporate outings
  • Citywide tours
  • Extra large parties
  • Major sporting event transportation

Austin Mercedes Sprinter Van

Austin Mercedes Sprinter Van is a high-quality, spacious vehicle option for a large group traveling in Austin. This service provides:

  • Desirable comfort for corporate events.
  • Comfortable airport transfers for groups
  • Scenic city tours with friends and family
  • Safe and convenient designated driver service for nights out

Austin Ford Sprinter Van

Austin Ford Sprinter Van service caters to those needing ample space and comfort. The Ford Sprinter Van offers various services such as:

  • Transportation for wedding parties and guests
  • Long distance trips with large groups
  • Sporting event travel for enthusiasts and teams
  • Concert or festival goers needing a designated driver service

Austin Sprinter Limo

The Austin Sprinter Limo service is an upmarket vehicle known for its style, elegance. This limo service can offer:

  • Luxurious travel for prom nights or parties
  • Royal service for bridal parties or intimate wedding transport
  • Transport for special date nights or anniversaries in style
  • Comfortable, designated driver service for wine tours or brewery hops

Austin Shuttle Van

The Austin Shuttle Van service is popular among groups for its large capacity, convenience, and reliability. This shuttle service can be used for:

  • Larger events requiring mass transportation
  • Corporate retreats or team-building out of town
  • School excursion and field trips
  • Designated driver service for large social gatherings or parties

1. What is a designated driver service in Austin?

A designated driver service in Austin is a professional service that provides a sober driver to drive your car, ensuring your safety and others on the road. These services are perfect for nights out, parties, or events where alcohol may be consumed. Austin designated driver services offer a responsible and convenient solution for those who wish to drink but do not want to risk driving under the influence.

2. How many passengers can ride in a [limos] in Austin designated driver service?

The number of passengers that can ride in a [limos] in Austin designated driver service can range from 8 to 20, depending on the car type. For instance, a [camaro] or a [challenger] can accommodate up to 10 passengers, while a [hummer] can hold up to 20 passengers.

3. Do the Austin designated driver services provide [car] category vehicles?

Yes, the Austin designated driver service offers a variety of vehicles in the [car] category, including luxury sedans like the [cadillac XTS] and [lincoln], which can comfortably fit up to 3 passengers.

4. Can I get an SUV from the Austin designated driver service?

Indeed, the Austin designated driver service provides several options in the SUV category, including the [escalade] that can accommodate 5 passengers and the [suburban] and [yukon] that can hold 7 passengers.

5. What types of shuttle buses are available with Austin designated driver services?

Austin designated driver services provide a wide variety of shuttle buses, accommodating from 12 up to 55 passengers. You can choose based on your group’s size, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for everyone.

6. Are party buses available with designated driver services in Austin?

Yes, Austin designated driver services offer party buses that can accommodate from 12 to 55 passengers, making it a great option for group outings, birthday parties, and special events.

7. What types of vans are offered by Austin designated driver services?

Austin designated driver services have a variety of vans available, including the [Mercedes Sprinter Van] and [Ford Sprinter Van] that can hold 11-14 passengers, the [Sprinter Limo] with a capacity of 14 passengers, and the [Shuttle Van] that can accommodate 15 passengers.

8. Is the Austin designated driver service safe?

Austin’s designated driver service is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its clients. They use professional, experienced drivers who prioritize safe driving practices. They also offer a way for people who have been drinking to get home safely, contributing to road safety overall.

9. How to book a designated driver service in Austin?

You can book a designated driver service in Austin by contacting the service providers directly through their official websites or by calling them. It’s recommended to book in advance, especially for larger groups or during peak times.

10. Are Austin designated driver services available round the clock?

Most Austin designated driver services operate 24/7, but it is always best to check with the specific service provider. This ensures that you can have a safe, reliable transportation option no matter what time of day or night you need it.

Austin Limos Designated Driver Service

Experience a custom luxury with our Austin Limos designated driver service. We offer a variety of limos tailored to cater to the needs of large groups ranging from 8-20 passengers. Car types in this category include Camaro, Challenger, Escalade, Charger, Chrysler, Excursion, Hummer, Lincoln, Navigator, and Cadillac. Our chauffeurs are experienced and reliable, assuring you a safe, hassle-free journey. It is an ideal choice for proms, weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events.

Austin Camaro Designated Driver Service

The Camaro, offering seating for up to 10 passengers, is a reliable and sporty option for our Austin designated driver service. With the comfort and safety tech features in mind, its spacious interior and timeless style provide the perfect atmosphere for a carefree night out. Our talented drivers will travel your desired route, allowing you to enjoy your evening without worrying about driving and finding parking, a hassle-free solution for various occasions, be it a professional gathering, a night out, or a large party, you and your friends can travel together, ensuring everyone gets home safely.

Austin Challenger Designated Driver Service

Experience an evening out in Austin in a sophisticated style with our Challenger designated driver service. Comfortably seated up to 10 passengers, our Challenger cars allow you to enjoy your festivities without worrying about the road. The designated driver service caters to those seeking a stylish transport solution or a group looking for a safe ride home after a fun night. Ride in comfort knowing that you have a designated driver ready to ensure your safe return home, all while enjoying the vibrant night scene of Austin from the backseat of your luxury, spacious Challenger.

Austin Escalade Designated Driver Service

Let Austin’s premiere designated driver service offer you a luxurious and comfortable excursion. The spacious Escalade, carrying up to 15 passengers, is perfect for those anticipating a long evening with a sizable group ensuring security and reliability. Provide your group with the high-grade experience of an elegant journey, relieving the stress of driving and allowing everyone to indulge in the night’s festivities. The Escalade designated driver service is particularly ideal for bachelor or bachelorette parties and significant corporate events.

Austin Charger Designated Driver Service

Savor the charm of Austin with our Charger designated driver service. This classic muscle car, designed to accommodate 10 passengers, ensures a comfortable and secure ride home, offering peace of mind during your night out. Whether celebrating a birthday, attending a concert, or simply enjoying a night around town with friends, our Charger guarantees a reliable and enjoyable journey, handled by experienced, professional drivers. Enjoy luxury and comfort and avoid the worries often related to driving home after a long night out.

Austin Chrysler Designated Driver Service

Experience the luxury and convenience of Austin’s Chrysler designated driver service, perfect for an unforgettable night out. Accommodating up to 10 passengers, the Chrysler can take you and your guests home safely while you continue to enjoy the party in the classy interior. Serving a wide range of events from weddings, corporate gatherings, to wine tasting tours, our designated driver service ensures your event remains uninterrupted, safe, and a night to remember. Get home safe in style with our Chrysler car service.

Austin Excursion Designated Driver Service

The Excursion designated driver service is your answer to safe, comfy and stylish transport within Austin. Whether you’re out with friends celebrating a birthday, or you’ve just finished a day at a festival, the Excursion, with room for 15 passengers, is your best bet to get home safely. Leave the task of driving to our professional drivers and enjoy an uninterrupted, exciting evening with peace of mind knowing no one in your group will have to compromise fun over taking the wheel home.

Austin Hummer Designated Driver Service

Our Hummer designated driver service is your perfect match for a special night in Austin. With its iconic design, the Hummer is flexible enough to handle large groups of up to 20 passengers. Ideal for prom nights, graduation parties, or simply a big night out with friends, our Hummer guarantees a spectacular entrance and a safe exit, leaving the driving to a trained professional while you focus on celebrating the occasion.

Austin Lincoln Designated Driver Service

Make your night out in Austin a class apart with our Lincoln designated driver service. This elegant vehicle can accommodate up to 8 passengers, offering a plush interior for relaxed conversation on the way to your destination. Whether it’s a romantic night out, an exclusive business meeting, or an intimate gathering with friends, our Lincoln chauffeured car service is a chic way to securely journey around Austin after nightfall.

Austin Navigator Designated Driver Service

For an exquisite and worry-free night out, choose our Navigator designated driver service. The Navigator seats up to 12 passengers, providing a roomy interior for a comfortable ride home after enjoying Austin’s vibrant nightlife. Trust our designated drivers with your well-being, while you unwind after a exciting day at city’s renowned festivals, theater performances, or culinary marathons. Make your night out hassle-free with our Navigator car service.

Austin Cadillac Designated Driver Service

Take delight in Austin’s night scene while maintaining optimal levels of comfort and safety with our Cadillac designated driver service. The perfect choice for a group of up to 10 passengers, the Cadillac offers a superior riding experience, ensuring everyone can enjoy the evening without worrying about the drive home. Perfect for wine tours, awards functions and special nights out in Austin, this service brings luxury, safety and fun together in one ride.

Austin Car Designated Driver Service

Our Austin Car designated driver service offers a comfortable ride and impeccable service. Our fleet includes luxurious Cadillac XTS and Lincoln cars, perfect for 3 passengers. Whether you are heading towards a business meeting, airport, or any event, you can count on us for a safe, luxurious, and timely journey.

Austin Cadillac XTS Designated Driver Service

The Cadillac XTS represents a formidable choice for a designated driver service in Austin. The sedan’s comfortable seats, plush interiors, and advanced technologies ensure a smooth and safe drive. The car’s three-passenger configuration is excellent for small groups seeking a reliable service for parties, special events, or social gatherings. Being both stylish and functional, the Cadillac XTS service ensures that both driver and passengers can enjoy the journey without concerns about navigating traffic or finding parking spaces.

Austin Lincoln Designated Driver Service

Lincoln is quite a popular choice for designated driver service in Austin. The three-passenger premium vehicle offers spacious, comfortable seating and sophisticated on-board technology. Riding in a Lincoln means you can enjoy the journey home after your event, ensuring a safe and worry-free return. This designated driver service is perfect for individuals or small groups who want to enjoy their night out without the stress of being the responsible driver.

Austin SUV Designated Driver Service

Looking for a spacious yet comfortable ride? Our Austin SUV designated driver service is your answer. With options like Escalade, Suburban, and Yukon, accommodating up to 7 passengers, our SUVs are perfect for family outings, airport transfers, and city tours.

Austin Escalade Designated Driver Service

On the SUV front, the Escalade is a first-class choice for a designated driver service in Austin. Often sought after for its roominess, luxury, and safety features, the vehicle can hold up to five passengers without compromising on comfort and space. Perfect for larger groups of friends or colleagues, our Escalade designated driver service provides a stress-free ride home, so you can continue your party en route without worrying about the final destination.

Austin Suburban Designated Driver Service

The Suburban, with its seven-passenger capacity, is a large-sized favorite for designated driver service in Austin. Ideal for bigger groups, the Suburbans represents practicality and space without sacrificing on comfort or safety elements. The service is often sought-after by groups for functions like concerts, festivals, or bachelor/bachelorette parties. With a designated driver at the wheel, you can enjoy the night to the fullest, assured of a safe return to your destination.

Austin Shuttle Bus Designated Driver Service

Our Austin Shuttle Bus designated driver service is an excellent choice for larger groups. With minibuses ranging from 12 to 55 passengers, our service ensures everyone travels together without any discomfort. Ideal for corporate events, city tours, or sporting events.

Austin 12 Minibus Designated Driver Service

The 12 Minibus designated driver service in Austin is an ideal choice for small groups seeking a safe and reliable transport option after a night of merrymaking. This service includes a professionally trained designated driver who places a premium on your group’s safety without compromising the fun as you explore Austin’s vibrant nightlife. The 12-passenger minibus is spacious, offering comfortable seating and modern amenities, such as air conditioning, stereo systems, and tinted windows for privacy. It’s a perfect choice for parties, corporate events, or tours.

Austin 14 Minibus Designated Driver Service

Enjoy safe and convenient travel within Austin through our 14 Minibus designated driver service. This service aims to ensure that your group of 14 can enjoy a stress-free outing knowing that the driving is in the hands of a trained professional. With ample space for passengers and luggage, this minibus is perfect for family outings, corporate events, or bachelor and bachelorette parties. Options available with this service include on-call driving, pre-arranged pickups, and hourly rentals.

Austin 15 Minibus Designated Driver Service

Whether it’s a birthday party or a corporate function, our 15 Minibus designated driver service in Austin provides a perfect solution for your group transportation needs. This service ensures your group’s safety and comfort. The 15-passenger minibus provides plenty of room and is equipped with features such as comfortable seating, air conditioning, and stereo systems. Moreover, this service offers amenities such as flexible scheduling, multiple stop-offs, and coordinated group pick-ups.

Austin 16 Minibus Designated Driver Service

If you’re in Austin with a group of 16, look no further than our 16 Minibus designated driver service. This service provides a safe and efficient way to travel around while enjoying your outing. The 16-passenger minibus features comfortable seating and a conducive environment, perfect for any group activity. To provide an optimal user experience, this service comes with options such as GPS tracking, individual charging ports, personalized music options, and lighting control.

Austin 18 Minibus Designated Driver Service

Are you in Austin with a large group and looking for reliable and safe transport? Our 18 Minibus designated driver service is your perfect solution. Suitable for larger groups, this service ensures your group’s timely arrival at various points of interest. The 18-passenger minibus is a perfect blend of comfort and space, furnished with cozy seats and fitted with modern amenities. Services available with this option include reservation booking via an app, real-time updates and communication with the driver, and flexibility in route planning.

Austin 20 Minibus Designated Driver Service

For groups of 20, our 20 Minibus designated driver service in Austin is just the ticket. This service aims to deliver comfortable, safe, and efficient transportation. The 20-passenger minibus offers ample space, comfortable seating, and modern amenities, making your journey an enjoyable experience. The available options with this service include pre-planned or ad-hoc routes, personal greeting service at pick-up points, and temperature control for each passenger’s comfort.

Austin 25 Minibus Designated Driver Service

Designed for larger groups, the 25 Minibus designated driver service in Austin ensures that outdoor parties or trips are safe and fun. The minibus seats 25 passengers comfortably, allowing ample space to relax, chat, and even move around. Dependant on the group’s preferences, the service may include planned routes, scheduled breaks, customized in-transit entertainment options, and personalized temperature settings.

Austin 30 Minibus Designated Driver Service

Our 30 Minibus designated driver service perfectly caters for big-sized group transport needs in Austin. Equipped with modern, cozy amenities, the service ensures trips are great for bonding while being time efficient. Accommodating 30 passengers, this service is designed for larger groups, including business outings, sports team transportation, and big family events. Features may include door-to-door pickups, real-time arrival monitoring, and route customization.

Austin 35 Minibus Designated Driver Service

Safety, comfort and reliability define our 35 Minibus designated driver service. Serving bigger groups in Austin, the service ensures safe travels, whether it’s a destination wedding or a school trip. With seating capacity of 35, this service offers a spacious ride and diverse features tailored to each group’s needs, including 24/7 customer support, wheelchair accessibility, and entertainment systems.

Austin 40 Minibus Designated Driver Service

Larger groups visit Austin should consider our 40 Minibus designated driver service. Designed to transport 40 passengers, and equipped with multiple amenities, the service ensures excellent comfort, safety, and enjoyment during the travel. Business conferences, sport team travels, music festivals are few events perfectly suited for this service. Amenities available include ample storage space, onboard Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Austin 45 Minibus Designated Driver Service

Meeting comprehensive transport needs for even larger groups in Austin, our 45 Minibus designated driver service offers professionalism and comfort. Whether it’s an academic conference or a music festival, the 45-passenger minibus ensures groups arrive safely and enjoyably. The service includes an array of amenities such as on-trip comfort facilities, enjoyable entertainment options, and non-standard pick-up and drop-off points.

Austin 55 Minibus Designated Driver Service

For the largest groups visiting Austin, the 55 Minibus designated driver service is the suitable option. It provides a safe transport option for up to 55 passengers. Being our biggest offering, it assures unmatched comfort and space with multiple amenities. Ideal for conventions, tours or large scale events, you can add services like beverage services, tailor-made routes & schedules and live trip monitoring.

Austin Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Take your party on the road with our Austin Party Bus designated driver service. Our party buses range from 12-55 passengers, ensuring a memorable party experience. Enjoy your event without worrying about the drive back home.

Austin 12 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Our 12 passenger Austin Party Bus Designated Driver Service is perfect for small group outings like bachelorette parties or concert nights. This compact yet spacious party bus features cozy leather seats, top-of-the-line sound systems, LED lights, and enough room to dance. With our reliable drivers, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.

Austin 14 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

With additional seating capacity, our 14 passenger Austin Party Bus Designated Driver Service is ideal for birthday celebrations or corporate events. The party bus provides extra space, stunning interiors, and cutting-edge entertainment facilities. Enjoy a worry-free night out with our professional designated driver at the wheel.

Austin 15 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Enjoy a safe and fun-filled travel experience with our Austin 15 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service. Ideal for team building events or wine tours, our party bus provides superior comfort, premium audio-visual system, and a fine selection of drinks. Let our professional driver navigate Austin streets while you unwind with your group.

Austin 16 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Accommodating up to 16 passengers, our Austin Party Bus Designated Driver Service is perfect for larger groups. Ideal for graduation parties or sorority events, your group can enjoy themed interiors, disco lights, and high-quality speakers. With a designated driver behind the wheel, you can relish the event without any concerns about driving.

Austin 18 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Our Austin 18 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service is designed for grander occasions. Whether it’s a wedding reception or annual company party, the bus features elegant furnishings, high-tech lighting, and a fully stocked bar. Our experienced drivers ensure that you reach your destination in style and safety.

Austin 20 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

No more worries about carpooling or designated drivers with our Austin 20 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service. Perfect for large events like prom nights or reunion parties, the bus offers plush seating, plasma TVs, and an exquisite drink range. Let our well-trained drivers handle the road, while you focus on the celebrations.

Austin 25 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Experience luxury as never before with our 25 Passenger Austin Party Bus Designated Driver Service. Providing a club-like environment with strobes, lasers and private VIP areas, this service is ideal for large-scale celebrations, bridal parties or sporting events. Your safety and convenience are guaranteed with our professional designated driver by your side.

Austin 30 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Experience a feel of private nightclub-on-wheels with our Austin 30 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service. With advanced lighting systems and concert-quality sound, it is apt for major events like fraternity parties or music festivals. Our designated driver allows you to enjoy the ride and the event worry-free.

Austin 35 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

For larger-scale gatherings, our Austin 35 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service offers not merely transport, but a party platform in itself. Perfect for bachelor bashes or corporate launches, the bus features lounge areas, superior sound systems, and a fully equipped bar. Enjoy the festivities with our designated driver at the helm.

Austin 40 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Our 40 Passenger Austin Party Bus Designated Driver Service offers the ultimate party vehicle for any large group celebration. Equipped with enhanced acoustics, private dance floors, and onboard catering services, it’s perfect for prestigious events like film premieres or sweet sixteen parties. Revel in the party atmosphere and let our professional driver handle the ride!

Austin 45 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Suiting the luxurious events, our Austin 45 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service allows your crew to cruise in style and safety. Perfect for grand weddings or charity balls, the bus features elegant seating, personalized lighting, and a bartender onboard. Our well-trained drivers ensure a smooth and safe journey.

Austin 55 Passenger Party Bus Designated Driver Service

For the biggest of parties, choose our 55 Passenger Austin Party Bus Designated Driver Service. Equipped with luxury seating, upgradeable entertainment options and a host for your event, it suits mega events such as product launches or awards nights. Count on our professional drivers to guide your party across Austin city, while you immerse yourself in the celebration.

Austin Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Take your party on the road with our Austin Party Bus designated driver service. Our party buses range from 12-55 passengers, ensuring a memorable party experience. Enjoy your event without worrying about the drive back home.

Austin Mercedes Sprinter Van Designated Driver Service

The Mercedes Sprinter Van is a popular choice for designated driver services in Austin due to its comfort and spaciousness. The van seats 11-14 passengers comfortably with ample space for luggage. It’s designed with a plush interior, offering superior comfort and amenities throughout the journey. Fleet services include family trips, corporate events, wine tours, city exploration, and airport transfers. The Mercedes Sprinter Van is a wonderful option for party goers ensuring a safe and stylish return home. Relax and enjoy your night out, we manage the driving.

Austin Ford Sprinter Van Designated Driver Service

Ford Sprinter Van is the go-to designated driver service in Austin, perfect for medium to large groups. With capacity for 11-14 passengers, it offers the perfect blend of utility, comfort, and style. The services provided with this type of van include parties, concerts, sports events, wedding transport, and even company retreats. With a skillful driver at your service all through your night celebrations, Ford Sprinter Van is the reliable choice for a safe ride home.

Austin Sprinter Limo Designated Driver Service

Experience the best of Austin’s night scene in style and safety with our Sprinter Limo designated driver service. This luxurious vehicle can accommodate up to 14 passengers with a flair of elegance. This service is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, prom nights, or simply a lavish night out. Our professional drivers ensure everyone in your party gets home safe, letting you enjoy the night tension-free.

Austin Shuttle Van Designated Driver Service

Our Shuttle Van service accommodates up to 15 passengers and is an excellent choice for large group outings in Austin. This service is suited for big parties, out-of-town tours or large corporate events. With a professional designated driver behind the wheel, your group can freely celebrate without worrying about getting home safe. The Shuttle Van Service ensures everyone can join in the fun and still get home safely.

How much is designated driver service in Austin, Texas?

The cost of designated driver service in Austin, Texas varies based on several factors such as the type of vehicle chosen, the number of passengers, the duration of the service, and the date of the booking. Prices can range widely, but on average, expect to pay between $15 to $50 per hour. Special events or peak times may command higher rates. It is advisable to get a quote from the service provider for the most accurate pricing.

What is the best form of transportation in Austin for Designated Driver Service?

Appointing a designated driver is a key practice when you’re enjoying a night out with friends, indulging in some drinks, or attending big events in Austin. For a smooth ride through the city, it helps to plan ahead and choose among reliable designated driver service options available. Different services like ‘designated driver service near me’, ‘designated driver cab service’, and ‘designated driver car service’ offer varied transportation choices to accommodate your specific needs. These services provide professional, reliable, and sober drivers to ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

Austin Designated Driver Service Near Me

A ‘designated driver service near me’ provides easy-to-access, reliable, and convenient transportation for Austin residents. This service can be of great help during late-night parties, concerts, or corporate events where alcohol is involved. By trusting your journey to a designated driver, you can enjoy the event without worrying about the ride home. A variety of vehicles such as a Cadillac XTS or Lincoln can be used for this service, providing comfort for up to 3 passengers.

Austin Designated Driver Cab Service

In Austin, a ‘designated driver cab service’ works as your local taxi service but with the added safeguard of a sober driver. It’s a brilliant option for night-outs, bar hopping, or when you don’t want the hassle of parking in the city. Small groups can opt for a luxurious SUV such as the Escalade with capacity for 5 passengers, while larger groups might prefer a robust Suburban or Yukon for up to 7 passengers.

Austin Designated Driver Car Service

‘Designated driver car service’ is an option well-suited to those looking for a higher level of service or luxury in their travels around Austin. A variety of cars are available, from a more compact Lincoln for 3 passengers to a larger Escalade or Suburban for bigger groups. The designated driver ensures that your journey is safe and enjoyable, particularly important on return journeys from parties or events where you may have consumed alcohol.

All in all, the services assist individuals and groups who wish to ensure a safe and legal journey to and from events where alcohol may be consumed. They reduce the risk of drunk driving incidents and ensure everyone can enjoy their evening without the worry of how to get home safely. Whether you’re going to top venues like Rainey Street, 6th Street, or West 6th, or heading home from events at places like the Frank Erwin Center, Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater, or local breweries and distilleries, these services offer a much-needed solution to the challenge of reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation.

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